15 May 2010

Visualising wave federation protocol

Keeping good readability of high level tests require a right level of abstraction that presents its intention clearly. When it's not right, it's either going to be too verbose or obscure.

While working on functional tests over wave federation protocol and eventually to be able to plug in third party wave provider and have a suite of functional tests to certify that it works with fedone implementation, I thought it might be interesting and helpful if all the packet transfers and its effect on wavelet state can be visualised.

My first attempt was with ProcessingJS, which I found hard due to textWidth not implemented yet.

My second attempt was with WebSequenceDiagram, which also had a limitation of its size on single line statement.

If anyone is interested to contribute, feel free to clone wave-protocol and have a look at WebSequenceDiagramTestSuite to generate visual for all scenarios covered in functional tests.