23 February 2010

Why being perfectionist when you can improve?

It's been quite a interesting week for me trying to get code reviews for a patch to an open source project.

I've decided to start with functional tests, because I've learnt that the best way to dive into foreign code is to write high level functional tests focusing on "what" it does rather than "how" or "why". I justified that it would probably help other new comer to the project too.

I knew from looking at the amount of time it took for the previous patches to get a green go ahead if any, it would take me a while if my patch was anywhere big or ambitious. It's been 6 days since my first submission. In the mean time, I've been just building up a backlog of patches. Following up the community feed, it does make me feel that most of the code is being developed in-house by co workers and then it's "open sourced" with regular dump from in-house development.

It is still a very early days, but I fear that the community being perfectionist would discourage communication of different ideas and frequency of patch submission.